As the first blog post on a site aimed at inspiring others to ‘live their happy’ I thought I should start with how I found mine.

Rewind to 2019 and both myself and my husband were stressed out with hardly any free time. My husband was working a 50+ hour week and I was doing 30 hours plus school runs and household chores.

Similar to most people, we were stuck in the rut of school run/commute > work > school run/commute > dinner > bed before starting all over again the next day. We were stressed, tired, and as we approached our 40s we felt that life was slipping away into a blur of work and just general rushing around. We were definitely living to work, rather than working to live.

The first change we made was when I reduced my hours at work. I was already part time so it was easier for me to do it, plus I was able to pick up some freelance work to top up the loss in earnings. This meant less money on after school childcare, more time for my daughter and I to spend together, and more time to get some of the household type things done.

This helped a bit and gave us all more time, but my husband was still overworked and reaching burnout with no possible solution in sight in terms of role or job changes.

It was at the start of 2019 that we decided to take the risky step of completely changing not only our lives, but the life of our then 8 year old daughter too.

We quit our jobs, sold our house and most of our belongings, and we moved from the UK to Spain!

There was obviously a bit more planning to it than that, but in the space of 6 months we’d made this crazy life changing decision and were living in a new country.

Our life since then couldn’t be more different.

We are our own bosses, freelancing in social media and blog writing, and working mornings while our daughter (now 12 and fluent in Spanish!) is at school. Our afternoons are spent doing whatever we want. Sometimes we go to the beach or park, sometimes I sit in the sun and read my book, sometimes I blog, and of course sometimes afternoons have to involve housework and grocery shopping or being a tween’s taxi service. But the main point is that we can choose what we want to do and when.

There’s no commute, no office politics, and no missing important school events. There’s a lot less rushing around (but still some!) and there’s a lot more time together as a family.

If you need more happy in your life, there are so many things you can change to make small improvements. You don’t have to do something as drastic as moving abroad, you may not even want to, but there are lots of things you can do to ‘live your happy’. From flexible working to changing jobs, from taking up a new hobby to using your free time differently.

How much you can change and when you can do it will vary for everyone, but small changes can make big differences. Hopefully through this blog I will help you to see what you can change, inspire you to make some changes, and realise that change isn’t always as scary as it seems.

If you want to get in touch feel free to drop me an email anytime!