10 things that make me happy

I’ve got to a stage in my life where I’m not afraid to put my happiness at the top of my priorities list. Let’s use Taylor Swift as inspiration and say I’m “in my happiness era”!

Obviously my family and work still come to the top of the list as well, but there’s no reason you can’t swap the top priorities around depending on the day.

If you put other people first all the time, you’ll quickly find yourself feeling down, tired, stressed out, anxious, and lots of other feelings that aren’t going to do you any favours. Making time for your own happiness helps you to avoid burnout and to improve your mental health.

It’s important to remember that other people are perfectly capable of doing things for themselves – whether that’s getting your family to tidy up after themselves, getting your partner to cook dinner, or share out the chores – whatever you need to make time for you amongst everything else you have to do.

So, on the subject of happiness, I thought I’d list 10 things that make me happy. Many of these are just small things that don’t require much time, effort or money to include in my schedule.

How many of these would also make it onto your happiness list?

Feeling the sun on my face

My husband calls me ‘Solar Powered’ and I think he’s right! I definitely suffer a bit from SAD, so now living somewhere sunny has made such a big difference to my happiness, mental health as well as my physical health. Even during the winter months I try to make sure I get outside for at least 30 minutes a day for my Vitamin D fix and top up my tan!

Going to the beach

The beach is definitely my happy place…it’s impossible to be grumpy at the beach! I’ve always lived near the beach, both in England and here in Spain, and just heading down to the seaside for a walk in the fresh, sea air improves my mood instantly.

Spending time with family

I find myself very lucky that my family make me happy. Both my husband & daughter, as well as my parents. Spending time with family is high up on my list of priorities and being lucky enough to work as a freelancer means we have the opportunity to spend lots of time together.

Reading a good book

Reading is my favourite self-care activity and I manage to read most days. Getting lost in a good book is the perfect way to switch your brain off from your worries for a while and take the time to get comfortable and relax.

Spending time traveling

If I could I would travel permanently, but unfortunately real life has other plans for me…and for my money! Whether we plan a week away or a day out exploring a new city, planning the trips and experiencing new places always puts a smile on my face. Read more about the benefits of travel here.

Being outdoors

When we moved to Spain one of the major plus points was being able to live a more outdoorsy life due to the weather. From going for walks, to sitting in the sun with a drink, or eating dinner outside of an evening, being able to spend the majority of my day in the fresh air definitely makes me happier.

Having a lie in

I love my bed! We get up early every day to get our daughter off to school and to start work, so the weekends I will always have a lie in when possible. Some extra time in bed of a morning doesn’t fail to make me a happier person.

Being busy

As much as I love a lie in and sitting in the sun, being busy also makes me happy. I hate to be bored so I always have a plan of some kind. Keeping myself busy with blogging, days out, gardening, playing games with my daughter or more, are all things that keep me occupied and happy.

Listening to music

I’ve always liked music, and my go to tunes are all happy pop or dance. I’m not into sad or angry songs, so when I put on my Spotify playlist I know the music is going to cheer me up.


You can’t be sad if you’re laughing, so whether it’s having a laugh with family and friends, or watching a funny TV series or film, it’s a great way to give your mood a little boost.

So, there are the 10 things that make me happy. What would you put on your list?